Mobile Beauty and Wellness Services

You can always learn more about our services by browsing our website and our Facebook page, where Mila’s provides not only information to help foster awareness but also updates on services, products and special events.

Throughout history people have taken steps to look better and feel better. What’s changed is how that’s accomplished.

Technology and science have brought about many innovations and Mila’s Beauty and Wellness Clinic brings together advancements with trained yet caring staff to offer customized solutions to clients.

“At Mila’s Beauty and Wellness Clinic we are dedicated to you as an individual with unique cosmetic concerns and we focus on all aspects of what it takes to make your experience at the clinic personal, comfortable and affordable,” the owner pledges.

Mila’s offers an impressive list of services and technologies: massages, body wraps, lasers, photo facials, aroma-relaxation massages, anti-aging treatments, anti-acne facials, hyper pigmentation and blemish treatments, permanent makeup, and more.

The clinic offers VascuLyse, a safe, non-invasive treatment for items such as skin tags, ruby points, broken capillaries, and cholesterol deposits around the eyes.

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Mila and her staff pride themselves on exceeding client expectations. See if you don’t agree.